Accessories & Modifications for Your Storage Containers

Locks, Doors, Lighting, Shelving & More

Add these upgrades to your container and you’ve got something more than just storage.


Transport Security 1217 - Adjustable Door Lock EnforcerTransport Security Adjustable Door Lock Enforcer

Portable, easy to install High Security lock. Adjusts to fit all trailers and containers.

  • Padlock is completely concealed
  • Portable – no permanent installation required


Transport Enforcer Rear Door LockEnforcer Trailer Rear Door Lock

A solid stainless steel hasp designed to protect the padlock from tampering.

'Hockey Puck' Trailer Door Hasp
‘Hockey Puck’ Internal Shackle Trailer Door Hasp

Raised steel around ‘puck’ guard against picking, sawing & cutting.



Storage Container Lighting


  • These lighting systems are cord and plug configured to allow for easy pressure sensitive installation.
  • The packages address both the 20 and 40 foot container environment.
  • Works with the standard 110-120 VAC




Roll up door & man door for container


Both Man Doors & Roll Up Doors are available to fit your needs.

Sold Separately.




Conextra shelvesConextra shelving system Conflextra Shelvingconflrextrafront2conflextra

  • Instantly turn an empty unit into your workplace
  • Specifically designed for fast & easy installation into your container. You’ll be up and running in no time!
  • These units are all modular so you can change the configuration to fit your needs
  • You install it how you like it

Contact us for more information on any of these accessories specifically built for storage containers.

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